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We made FactorQuick with speed, ease, efficiency, and compliance
in mind to help you capitalize on slow-paying Accounts Receivables.

We removed the drudgery of traditional receivables discounting for YOU, to make factoring work FOR you.

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Bypass the financing, scalability, and processing constraints imposed upon traditional financial institutions.
FactorQuick, an app-based full-course factoring solution, helps you to transform outstanding Accounts Receivable assets into readily available working capital amid a tight credit environment.

How it works

Open an FactorQuick account and tell us about your business
Upload your invoices and specify your desired liquidity margins and ratios
Optimi matches your asset to interested investors
Promptly receive the applicable funds

Open an FactorQuick account and tell us about your business

Upload your invoices and specify your desired liquidity margins and ratios

Optimi matches your asset to interested investors

Promptly receive the applicable funds

With FactorQuick,
you can

Control your risk of non-payment with recourse and non-recourse options
Avoid the fees, add-on services and volume requirements tangled in traditional factoring solutions
Maximize the liquidity of your working capital
Expedite cash conversion cycles and fortify cash reserves
Sidestep the extensive networks of financial middlemen
Conquer the liquidity and financing shortages faced by many SMEs

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Join a network of innovative companies using FactorQuick to meet their financing goals.
If you're an incorporated company in business for 9+ months with registered capital of over USD $100K, we want factoring to work for you.
We want to help you, and your business, succeed.

You have
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In order for investors and fund providers to confirm a transaction's authenticity, the asset owner must provide the following documents: the underlying asset information (concerning transaction authenticity), Accounts Receivables notices, and insurance documents.

(1) FQ effectively match interested investors to available assets
(2) FQ makes it easier to get Asset validity and valuation confirmed by all relevant parties
(3) FQ utilizes blockchain technology to extend anchor`s credit to suppliers.

FactorQuick focuses on the current state of the original equity holder and assesses his or her basic information, main business and financial status, business operations relevant to the underlying asset, capital usage and credit information, going concern capabilities. We also ensure that the goods or services purchased are not overvalued, liabilities are not underestimated, consideration payment of goods and services are received, and that these goods and services are necessary and vital to corporations. In addition, we perform risk control on remittance routes, supply chain entities, as well as legal and financial frameworks overall.
It depends on the due diligence process. If documents are complete, in order, and confirmed by the anchor, financing can take just a few days; however, if the financing amount is large, involves cross-border multi-party trade, several legal jurisdictions or continuous transactions, it may take longer to complete the financing process.
FactorQuick charges one straightforward fee on the volume of each transactions
FactorQuick is an all-in-one solution that allows you to safeguard your assets with reliable trust services, as well as connect with more suppliers, anchors, and fund providers. Unlike banks and traditional factoring solutions, our platform doesn't lock you into time constraints, add-on services, and miscellaneous fees; in addition, we expedite the factoring process because we don't depend on a network of financial middlemen. Altogether, FactorQuick allows you to maximize the liquidity of your working capital at minimized risk.
FactorQuick will take legal action to assist our investors.
FactorQuick needs to carry out the required due diligence on behalf of investors to make sure the risk is controllable.
FactorQuick investors are professional investors from a variety of financial industries and backgrounds such as banks, brokerage firms, hedge funds, independent investors, and high-net-worth individuals.
FactorQuick has multi-currency and cryptocurrency (including stablecoin) trading capabilities, including but not limited to USD, USDT, BTC, and ETH.
FactorQuick will only notify your buyers during application processing with prior approval.